2022 Fall Marathon Training Schedule

Our marathon training schedule this year is based on Hal Higdon's Novice 2 Training Schedule. We've selected this level, because at the higher (Intermediate and Advanced) levels, Hal moves the long runs to Sunday to allow for faster/shorter pace runs on Saturday. Please check out Hal's excellent website for more details and training information, including what to do with the rest of your week. This schedule includes running a half marathon as part of your training. For the half marathon weekend, I've provided links to local (within a 2 hour drive) races, where I could find them. Of course, you're free to just run 13.1 with the group or on your own, find your own race, or adjust your training schedule to run a race on a different weekend. (For example, Riley's Rumble might fit well for Baltimore training, too.)

DateLocation Maine
October 2
October 15
Marine Corps
October 20
November 12
June 4NCR Trail, Ashland8
June 11Loch Raven9
June 18NCR Trail, Ashland68
June 25Loch Raven119
July 2NCR Trail, Ashland1268
July 9Loch Raven9119
July 16NCR Trail, Ashland141268
July 23Loch Raven159119
July 30NCR Trail, Ashland13.1
Riley's Rumble
August 6Loch Raven1715911
August 13NCR Trail, Ashland1813.11412
August 20Loch Raven1317159
August 27NCR Trail, Ashland201813.1
Third Winchester
September 3Loch Raven12131715
September 10NCR Trail, Ashland20201813.1
Parks Half
September 17Loch Raven12121317
September 24NCR Trail, Ashland8202018
October 1Loch RavenMarathon121213
October 8NCR Trail, Ashland82020
October 15Loch RavenMarathon1212
October 22NCR Trail, Ashland820
October 29Loch RavenMarathon12
November 5NCR Trail, Ashland8
November 12Loch RavenMarathon

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