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Character and History of the Race

The Hush Hush Hundred is a fat ass event which means no fees, no frills, no whining. Competitors should expect to be social, to tell plenty of jokes, to engage in lively and provocative conversation and to run with the group. As the day (or night) wears on, the group may splinter into fast and slow factions. Course support will make all attempts to meet needs of runners at both ends of the spectrum.

The inaugural event on December 9 and 10, 2011 was conducted as a covert 100 miler on the NCR Trail Snail home turf. Because the event required access to the NCR Trail during the prohibited dawn to dusk period, the event was cloaked in secrecy. Most believe the name "Hush Hush" came from this need for secrecy, but others think it may have more to do with the running proclivities of the event series founder. For Harry Good, the “elder statesman of ultra running, the Hush Hush Hundred Miler also served the purpose of topping his 100 miler career with his 10th and final finish at the distance.

Hush Hush History

Num Date(s) Description
1 12/9-10/2011 The original Hush Hush 100 miler on the NCR
2 6/22/2013 100K on the NCR - From Ashland to Hanover Junction in PA and back
3 1/14/2014 Hush Hush Half Hundred
4 8/1/2014 Hush Hush Half Hundred
5 1/24/2015 Hush Hush Night Run - an overnight run on the streets of the twin cites of Lutherville/Timonium
6 8/14-16/2015 Hush Hush Hush - Three days of the NCR
7 2/19/2016 Hush Hush Half Ass - second night run on the streets of the twin cities