Snail Marathon List

Snails run many distances. This list celebrates the marathon! Nothing longer, nothing shorter - just 26.2 miles in an official race. If you'd like to have your results added to the list, contact Glen.

Name Count Details
Amy55Adirondack, Austin (2x), B&A, Baltimore (4x), Big Sur, Bob Potts, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Delaware, Deutsche Weinstra├če, End of the Road, Eugene, Flying Pig (virtual), Frederick, Freedom's Run (2x), Garden Spot, Gettysburg, Harrisburg (2x), Kansas City, Lower Potomac, Maine, Marathon by the Sea, Marine Corps (7x), NCR Trail, NYC (2x), OBX, Philadelphia, Poconos, Portland, Richmond, Shamrock, Steamtown (6x), Vermont City, Via, Washington's Birthday
Buddy4B&A Trail, Baltimore, Lake Placid, NCR Trail
Catherine13Baltimore (3x), Freedom's Run (2x), Marine Corps (2x), Mohawk Hudson River, Pocono Run for the Red (2x), Salisbury, Steamtown, Washington's Birthday
Charlotte9Delaware, Hartford, Lake Tahoe, Marine Corps (6x)
Craig29Baltimore (8x), Berlin, Big Sur, Hartford (2x), Las Vegas, Ledville, Marine Corps (6x), NCR Trail (4x), Philadelphia, Prague, San Diego, Steamtown (2x)
Elizabeth7B&A Trail, Bob Potts, Chicago, Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley, Rehoboth, Steamtown
Glen29Austin, B&A, Baltimore (6x), Big Sur, Buffalo, Cleveland, Dallas, Deutsche Weinstra├če, End of the Road, Eugene, Flying Pig (virtual), Freedom's Run, Garden Spot, Gettysburg, Maine, Marine Corps, NCR Trail, Philadelphia (2x), Portland, Steamtown, Via, Washington's Birthday (2x)
Glenn37Air Force, B&A Trail (3x), Big Sur (2x), City of Oaks, Country Music, Disney (2x), Las Vegas, Marine Corps (16x), Missoula, Rock 'n' Roll Arizona, Rock n Roll National (6x), Rock 'n' Roll San Diego, Steamtown
Harry49B&A Trail (2x), Big Sur, Boston (2x), Disney, Grandma's, Las Vegas, Mardi Gras, Marine Corps (25x), NCR Trail (2x), Steamtown (4x), Tahoe, Tahoe Triple Day 1, Tahoe Triple Day 2, Trail Triple Crown, Valley of the Sun, Vancouver, Washington's Birthday (3x)
Justina56Atlantic City, B&A Trail, Baltimore, BG, Breakers, Center of the Nation Marathon - Colorado, Center of the Nation Marathon - Montana, Center of the Nation Marathon - Nebraska, Center of the Nation Marathon - North Dakota, Center of the Nation Marathon - South Dakota, Center of the Nation Marathon - Wyoming, Chicago (2x), Coeur d'Alene, Detroit, Dustbowl Series - KS, Dustbowl Series - NM, Dustbowl Series - OK, Dustbowl Series - TX, First Light, Flying Pig, Frederick, Freedom's Run, Grandma's (2x), Hartford, Indianapolis, Kona, Lake Tahoe, Lower Potomac, Maine, Marine Corps, More, NCR Trail, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York City, Ocean City, Ridge to Bridge, Riverboat Series - AR, Riverboat Series - IL, Riverboat Series - KY, Riverboat Series - LA, Riverboat Series - MO, Riverboat Series - MS, Riverboat Series - TN, Spinx, Steamtown, Triple Crown (2x), Vermont City, Washington's Birthday (5x)
Mary20Baltimore (2x), Big Sur, Disney, Lake Tahoe, Marine Corps (14x), New York City
Melanie7Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus (3x), Honolulu, Midnight Sun
Nick8Baltimore (5x), Flying Pig, NCR Trail (2x)
Pete64Albany, Atlantic City, B&A, Baltimore (9x), Boston, Carmel, Chicago (2x), Cleveland, Coastal Delaware, First Light, Frederick, Gasparilla (4x), Harrisburg (3x), Hatfield McCoy, Kentucky Derby Festival (3x), Little Rock, Lost Turkey Trail, Louisiana, Mad City, Marine Corps (3x), Miami, Mississippi Blues, Mohawk Hudson River, NCR Trail (2x), New York City (2x), OBX, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Richmond, Rock 'n' Roll DC, Rocky Raccoon, Run for the Red (3x), St. Louis, Steamtown (3x), Stillwater, Town of Celebration, Wineglass (4x)
Peter19B&A Trail (3x), Baltimore (3x), Bob Potts, Boston, C&D, Marine Corps (3x), NCR Trail, San Francisco, Steamtown, Triple Crown (2x), Washington's Birthday (2x)
Steve27Baltimore (2x), Boston (2x), Marine Corps (21x), NCR Trail, Ottawa
Sue14Air Force, Baltimore (4x), Freedom's Run, Marine Corps (2x), NCR Trail (2x), Raleigh City of Oaks, Rock n Roll DC, Steamtown (2x)
Tom A13Boston, Delaware, Flying Pig, Marine Corps (2x), New Jersey, New York City (2x), OBX, Ocean City, Palm Beaches, Philadephia, Richmond
Tom N8Baltimore (3x), Boston, Maryland Marathon (2x), Richmond, Sole Challenge
Marine Corps 20 Finishes

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