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Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks maintains a list of walking and hiking trails in the county. The list includes parks, schools, and indoor malls (for inclement weather).  Use the link below to begin your search.

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Cancerve and the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K

Year after year the NCR Trails Snails: lead on the steering committee, volunteer, run, coach, show up in droves on race day to support the 2nd oldest consecutively run Woman's race in America.

The Baltimore Women's Classic 5K this year will be held on June 28, 2015.

Starting new in 2014, the actual race is owned by Charm City Run.  The nonprofit arm is changing its name to Cancerve and is expanding its scope to help women by providing direct services as they undergo cancer treatment (not only gynecological cancer).   Cancerve would appreciate any Snail volunteers and will receive an extra donation from CCR if we provide 40 volunteers on race day.

Trail Cleanup

The NCR Trail Snails continue to participate in the NCR Adopt - A - Mile trail cleanup program and are the proud 'parents' of Mile 7 - 8 (for newcomers and those less familiar with the trail, Mile 7 - 8 is the 'Monkton' section... that spot we are all so happy to see during the long runs!).  The Gunpowder State Park folks request only that we clean up our section once a quarter.  However we are such a civic - minded group and also recognize that several GU packs can pile up in three months time, we try to get few folks out every month to do some clean up. 

Anyone who is interested in signing up for a month, please email Glenn "Sticks" Scimonelli.  Since we all benefit from the beauty and convenience that the trail offers, we hope you'll join us in this effort.  This may also help to keep us in good standing with Gunpowder State Park as we continue to grow in number and usage of the trail. The park staff would like us to fill in a form with the amount of trash picked up so they can monitor park cleanliness.

NCR Trail Marathon

The BRRC's NCR Trail Marathon & Relay has developed the reputation as one of the best little marathons on the East Coast. Held every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we Snails continue our support for this race by crewing the water stop at Monkton Station (around mile 5 and 22 in the marathon).  In addition to handing out water we also have to direct traffic on Monkton Rd to keep the runners safe.  And don’t forget the all - important task of CHEERING!  We always need more cowbell!

Other Races

Check the Yahoo group for calls for volunteers for other races including the Dreaded Druid Hills 10K and the Celtic Solstice 5 Miler.